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We use Technology and Efficiency to get you your filters and parts at a substantial savings

In case you have no intentions of reading below and you just want to find your part— Please use the search box above in the header area. Just type in the OEM part number or any keyword and hit enter. We have revamped the site a bit to make it easier to navigate. We offer over 350,000 filters so it can be tricky to organize. Below we have included some popular filter categories, or just click to view all manufactures. We maintain that the best method to finding your part is the search box, but if you are unable to locate it and it is a filter or a compressor part, give us a call.

We have a pretty simple business motto and that is why our customers return to us year in and year out. We offer quality customer service, fast response time, quick shipping on all stock parts, and just an attitude directed toward saving our customers both time and money when it comes to compressed air filtration and parts.

We encourage you to give us a call and/or browse through the content on our site. Our promise at Killer Filter is that we will do everything we can to find what you need. We came from the service industry as well, looking for the right part often was tricky business. We take away the “tricky” part. Give us a call, give us a part number, and we will get your part if its out there. You sit back and wait for it to arrive.


Separation Technology

We specialize in Filtration from Air Oil Separators, to Inline Filters, Air intake Filters and Oil or liquid Filtration

Custom Valves and Kits

Killer Filter also offers superior quality compressed air parts and Killer pricing from temp switches to gasket sets and more.

Got Oil?

Why would you pay to lubricate your machine twice the amount you have to. We offer Killer Oil deals that are 100% perfectly compatible to OEM and of the same and often better quality!

MPV’s, BDV’s, Check Valves

Yea we have all those too! Go ahead and call your OEM rep, then call us and check the savings. Its a valve, not rocket science and we manufacture them better than most!